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    All you need to know about driver training in Perth

    Here at Miro Driving Academy, we strongly encourage our students to ask questions because we believe there’s no better way for you to learn! There are some questions that we hear repeatedly, so we’ve taken the time to answer them below. If you would like to get started and book your first lesson, or even ask us something else, please get in touch on 08 9459 5666 .

    Frequently asked questions

    Should I learn in an automatic or manual vehicle?

    It depends on your situation. It is easier to learn in an automatic car, because there is no clutch or gears to worry about. This means you will most likely require fewer lessons. However if you obtain an automatic vehicle licence, you will not be licenced to drive a manual car.

    If you own an automatic car or would like to possibly obtain your licence more easily, then an automatic Licence Test is for you. You can always gain confidence in your automatic vehicle and go for your manual licence later on.

    Still not sure? Give us a call and we’ll help you decide.

    How many lessons before I am a competent driver?

    This depends on the individual. Extensive driving experience with your parents, different learning abilities, or greater confidence all impact on the number of lessons required. Our instructors tailor every lesson to the student and will let you know how you’re going, but in general, a beginner can be taught to drive with between 8 and 14 lessons.

    How long do lessons go for?

    Standard lessons are 60 minutes and budget lessons 45 minutes, beginning from a previously agreed location (usually your home or school).

    Why Take Lessons?
    Professional, patient, experienced tuition

    Our instructors are very experienced and highly trained. They teach full time and utilise the most effective techniques to ensure that you learn the finer points of driving which will not only help you pass the test, but also become a competent safe driver. Lessons are tailored to your individual experience and needs.

    Modern, safe, comfortable, dual-controlled cars

    All our cars are very modern, safe and comfortable. Most importantly, they feature dual controls. You will be safe and feel confident with our instructors at all times, ensuring you can learn with confidence.

    Expert drivers

    • All our instructors are expert advanced drivers. Their training means they are able to understand the requirements of each individual student.

    We cater to the individual

    • We teach in both manual and automatic vehicles.
    • We offer both male and female instructors in most areas.
    • We cover most metropolitan areas.

    How often should I practise driving?

    It is important to get as much practice as possible in all types of weather and road conditions – at least 120 hours before you get your P Licence.

    Why parents won’t let me drive their car. What should I do?

    The answer is to make a compromise. It is often very difficult for young drivers to gain experience, so to encourage your parents or a trusted adult to supervise you find a way to compromise.

    Negotiating to use the car is one of life’s little challengers, but is extremely important so you can obtain the experience you need. Good negotiations usually involve a win/win situation so make sure there is something in it for your parents. Try making a deal with them – offer to wash the car in exchange for a thirty minute lesson.

    Some strategies you could utilise:

    • Complete the keys2drive free lesson with your parent.
    • Agree to take some professional lessons so your parents don’t have to teach you, just supervise while you practise.
    • Agree to practice in a quiet car park until you and your parents agree you’re ready for the road.
    • Take on a task that frees time for your parents to supervise or teach you.
    • Look for situations where you can have practise when your supervisor has to go out anyway – like helping them with the grocery shopping in exchange for driving there and back.



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