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Learning to Drive in Perth
For some people, learning to drive comes quite naturally. However, for others it can be the most daunting of tasks.

Not only will you need to become familiar with the controls of a car, you will also have to deal with other road users at the same time. This is why it is vital to take lessons from a properly qualified person. It can be all too easy to pick up many bad habits from the very beginning, especially if your instructor isn’t trained.
Thankfully for the “learners” of Perth there is a solution.
The Miro Driving Academy will help to take most of the stress and worry out of learning to drive.
Not all Driving Schools are Equal
Naturally, we believe our instructors are the best available, providing their expert assistance to learner drivers.
To further support this claim. They help to train and assess many of Perth’s other driving instructors, on their way to the certificate IVqualifications.
Whatever your age or experience we have the best driving lessons, Perth has to offer.
Friendly Patient Instructors
All of our lessons are structured towards the individual. This way you can be sure of always getting the maximum from your male or indeed female instructor.
For your added convenience, our road safety orientated instructors will be happy to organise pick-up from home, work or even school.
A simple Decision
When looking for a driving school in Perth, look no further than the Miro Driving Academy. For further information about our affordable packages and to help you to get on the road to your new licence, simply call us on 08 9459 566608 9459 5666.


We have lessons starting from $50. Find out more here or contact us.


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